Synesso MVP & MVP Hydra

Product Description
Matthew Algie is the official UK, Ireland & European Distributor of Synesso. Based in Seattle, Synesso was born of the desire to bring the most temperature stable espresso machine to the market. Owner and designer Mark Barnett’s unwavering drive to innovate is evident in the many advances that Synesso continues to make.

The Synesso team works tirelessly to produce the most barista friendly, dependable and responsive equipment on the market, hand crafting each machine to order. After all. A well-made espresso machine is the foundation of a great coffee experience.

Synesso MVP & MVP Hydra

Consistency. It’s the Holy Grail for serious baristas – but not always easy to achieve. Synesso’s MVP technology enables you to set and save recipe parameters in seconds – then perfectly repeat them time and time again.

Prefer a manual setting? No problem. Each group head on the MVP can be set to manual mode, manual programme mode or volumetric mode – to suite any given user.

This caters for volume-specific dosing in cafes where speed and consistency are of the essence, without sacrificing the ability to manually set various coffees to exact specifications. You no longer need to choose between control and repeatability. You can get it all from one machine.

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